Victor Jetspeed S 12 Badminton Racket

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Victor Jetspeed S 12 Badminton Racket


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Victor Jetspeed S 12 Badminton Racket

A new Speed racket engineered with the advanced Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS), JS-12 comes with stiff frame and resilient shaft, offering easy controllability for net shots and massive force for sweeping movement, most suitable for fast players.

Material: Hi-Resilient Modulus Graphite + TERS + Pyrofil

Headshape Isometric
Weight 92g
Length 67.5cm
Balance Head Heavy
Flex Stiff
String Tension 13kg
Cover Full


TERS - Engineered with US aerospace level materials, the Twin Epoxy Resin System stiffens the frame, providing efficient force transmission and controllability, due to the compacted structure.

HARD CODED - Inspired by the helicopter rotor blade, the multi-layered structure made from carbo fiber and composites, minimises material size and reinforces handling feel and performance.

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