NOX Stupa Luxury Full Carbon Padel Racket (2019)

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NOX Stupa Luxury Full Carbon Padel Racket (2019)

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NOX Stupa Luxury Full Carbon Padel Racket (2019)

The Stupa Full Carbon Luxury L.5 is the evolution of the successful Stupa Full Carbon Hybrid of 2016. The Stupa Full Carbon L.5 incorporates the combination of NOXmaterials and technologies selected by Franco Stupaczuk, among which the characteristic closed heart stands out in order to attain maximum stability and minimise vibrations,as well as 100% 3K carbon fibre frames and planes and the HRS Core+ rubber for attaining greater power on your shots.Unlike other brands, our players play using unmodified rackets from the collection. Experience the same sensations on court as Franco Stupaczuk with this racket with aspectacular design, in exposed carbon and details in skyblue, in honour of the country of origin of Stupa and all the Argentine followers of NOX.Includes a cover and a transparent protector to protect the racket from knocks and scrapes to the frame.

Core: HRS Core+
Material: 3K Fiber Carbon

Weight 360-375g
Headshape Round
Width 38mm

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