StarVie Polaris Pro Padel Racket (2019)

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StarVie Polaris Pro Padel Racket (2019)

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StarVie Polaris Pro Padel Racket (2019)

The Polaris Pro bat has a 100% Carbon composition to achieve greater durability and elasticity. Surprised by its mold that optimizes the movements of the bat during the game, as well as the S2, new technology for the next season. The S2 is the ultimate in high strength fiberglass to provide a higher level of performance to this bat.

  • It is a padel with hard rubber density , perfect for players who want to get more control and improve the power of the blow. In fact, it is the bat with greater hardness within the StarVie 2019 collection.
  • The relief of the rough plane in the form of a star allows the player the possibility of giving effects with greater precision.
  • It has a round shape , the optimal point is located in the center of the plane.
  • It incorporates the Polaris Core in the heart of the bat, which optimizes the balance of the bat and additionally offers greater rigidity in that area.
Weight 350 - 385g
Headshape Round
EVA Rubber Half
Nucleus 100% Carbon
Tubular 100% Carbon
Reinforcement Torsion System - StarVie

Full Plane Effect - StarVie

DS Eva Core - StarVie

Full Carbon Structure - StarVie

Titania shovel Core piece

StarVie S2 Technology

The angled shape of the heart of the bat reinforces the anti-torsion effect suffered by the bat in this area. This system decreases the vibrations that are transmitted to the fist of the paddle blade and towards the player's elbow

The rugged texture of the paddle bat plane gives the player the possibility to give effects with greater precision and obtain greater control.

Nomenclature that explains the EVA rubber density of each paddle bat. Main variable that determines if a paddle bat is Control or Power.

100% Carbon structure both in the plane and in the profile of the paddle bat.

Piece located in the heart that helps to optimize the balance of the bat. Additionally, it offers greater rigidity in the area.

S-2 fiber is the ultimate in high-strength fiberglass that provides the highest level of performance available. Produced with a higher silica level than standard fiberglass products, the S-2 offers the best physical properties in the face of high temperatures and impacts.

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