Head Graphene Touch Extreme 155 Racketball Racket (2017)

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Head Graphene Touch Extreme 155 Racketball Racket (2017)

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Head Graphene Touch Extreme 155 Racketball Racket
New Design For 2017

The most power sometimes hides in the lightest package. The GRAPHENE EXTREME 155 is the best example. It might be the lightest racquetball racquet HEAD has ever made, but at the same time it gives you some serious power. The Power Channels™ create a high throat stiffness for an incredible increase in raw power. The optimized Delta Frame shape allows for the largest sweet spot maximizing the hitting zone, while the Power Stabilizer in the racquet's head guarantees stability so you can control the awesome power, even on off-center shots.

Colour: Black/Blue/Green

Weight 155g
Headsize 107 sq.in.
Length 22"
Balance 285mm
String Pattern 16x16 / 16x12
Beam Width 21mm


Adaptive String Pattern technology, to give players precision, durability and softer feel all in one. Specially designed inserts allow you to choose your string pattern to suit you.


The improved Graphene technology, to enable shock absorption upon impact. Delivers unparalleled comfort without compromising the power level of Graphene.


A new optimized frame shape with constant beam width allows for the largest sweet spot possible that is high on the string bed, with incredible power and feel.


This power technology is created through molded tubes in the throat, eliminating exterior string holes and the traditional grommet system.


Specially formulated PU material has been inlayed into the graphite handle. Creates a softer grip and dampens vibration for more comfort and playability.

  • Weight 155g
  • Headsize 107in2
  • Racket Length 22in
  • String Pattern 16x12
  • Balance 285mm
  • Beam Width 21mm

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