Mantis 160 Racketball Racket

Mantis 160 Racketball Racket


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Mantis 160 Racketball Racket

The MANTIS 160 Racketball Racket is the ideal racket for players of all standards looking for maximum power. The 106 sqin headsize of the MANTIS 165 provides long main strings which coupled with a fan string pattern enhances the sweet spot for optimum feel and player comfort.

Weight 160g
Headsize 106
Length 21.9"
String pattern 14 x19
Balance 295mm
Beam Width 22mm
  • Weight 160g
  • Headsize 106in2
  • Racket Length 21in
  • String Pattern 14x19
  • Balance 295mm
  • Beam Width 22mm
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