Ashaway UltraNick 1.15mm (Blue) 110m Reel

Ashaway UltraNick 1.15mm (Blue) 110m Reel

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Ashaway UltraNick

The use of Zyex in a multfilament allows this string to strike a great balance between soft feel, power and resilience. With the added benefit of increased tension stability and a textured outer wrap for better spin potential. The 18 gauge string offers a softer feeling and greater control whilst the 17 gauge will give you more durability. Ashaway recommends stringing Zyex string at 10-15% less than you would have it for a traditional nylon.

Construction: Zyex Multifilament
Gauge: 1.15mm
Colour: Blue
Length: 110m Reel, also available in 12m Sets

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