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This page is designed to help you understand the differing types of strings and their characteristics. At the most basic level strings can be divided into two categories - Natural Gut and Synthetic.


Created from cow's gut in a complex manufacturing process. These strings provide superb elasticity, tension stability and "liveliness". Typically more expensive, they can be sensitive to weather, however over the years many improvements have been made to prolong their durability and feel. Some examples of natural gut are Babolat VS Touch, Pacific Prime Gut and Signum Pro Cross Gut, which are all available from our shop.


An alternative to natural gut, which is constantly being improved and altered to match the playability, with the benefit of a lower cost price. These strings also have the advantage of a synthetic materials' high durability. There is a great diversity of different structures and manufacturing processes.

Synthetic strings are then further broken down into subcategories.


The most frequently used string type, being the most cost effective. Typically made of a single Nylon core and various resistant wraps. The high number of different types of constructions influences string's playing characteristics . A nylon string with multiple wraps is considered a higher grade than a nylon with just a singular wrap. This is due to each wrap reducing tension loss, which is usually experienced with nylon string. Some examples on our wall are Prince Tournament Nylon and Wilson NXT Control.


The closest match to natural gut, multifilaments offer more stability than other synthetics. Many microfibers are twisted together to a string, which is then wrapped in a resistant cover. This provides higher elasticity and improved playability; however these strings tend to break sooner, once the outer wrap is damaged, causing the strings to fray. Examples of popular multifilament's are Isospeed Professional, Kirschbaum Touch Multifibre and Babolat Xcel.


A single polyester fibre with a thin coating, this is the most straightforward synthetic string. Also typically known as a 'monofilament'. These strings have less elasticity and feel quite stiff compared to nylon or multifilament. However they do provide greater durability, allowing for thinner gauges. Pure polyester strings have one main disadvantage, which is they lose their tension quite quickly. Luxilon in particular have taken great efforts over the years to improve the construction of polyester strings.


Structured (textured) stings are designed to improve ball bite, and generate greater spin. Most of these strings offer great spin potential and better control. A disadvantage is the texture of the string can wear within a short time, causing the strings to become smooth. Some examples of textured strings are Kirschbaum Super Smash Spikey, Pacific Power Spin and Isospeed Pyramid.

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