Dunlop Natural Tennis R 3.0 Tennis Racket (2017)

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Dunlop Natural Tennis R 3.0 Tennis Racket (2017)

Grip 2

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Dunlop Natural Tennis R 3.0 Tennis Racket

A revolutionary new tennis racket design! Built with a copper wire positioned over a silicon layer within the racket handle, which runs down to the end cap, to provide perfect absorption of vibrations. Copper has excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical conductivity. Its high pressure consistency, corrosion resistance and durability alongside antibacterial properties, makes it exceptionally durable. By conducting excess vibrations of the racket, your arm is protected from common injuries, such as tennis elbow.

The NT R 3.0 is a versatile weapon to suit a variety of playing styles. An open string pattern and compact weight helps to ensure every shot is equipped with force and spin. A smaller headsize gives precision and greater control.

Unstrung Weight 308g
Length 27.25"
String Pattern 16x19
Balance 315mm
Grip Sizes 2 - 4
Stiffness 64
Beam Width 22mm


  • Balance 315mm
  • Beam Width 22mm
  • Headsize 98in2
  • String Pattern 16x19
  • Weight 308g
  • Racket Length 27.25in

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