Head Graphene XT Instinct Lite (2015) Tennis Racket

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Head Graphene XT Instinct Lite (2015) Tennis Racket

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Head Graphene XT Instinct Lite

The Instinct Lite is a great racket for those just starting out and developing good techniques. This racket has the largest headsize of the Instinct range, giving it a larger sweet spot to be more forgiving. Equipped with Head's Graphene XT technology, allowing for more weight to be put in useful areas of the racket. Players just starting out will appreciate the ease of play, manoeuvrability and fast swings that can be achieved with this racket. A great choice for developing players.

Weight 280g (Unstrung)
Headsize 100 sq.in.
Length 27.2"
String Pattern 16x19
Balance 330mm (Unstrung)
Grip Sizes 0 - 4
Beam Width 24 - 26 - 23mm

Discover a new era of Graphene. Once played with a Graphene racket, you never want to miss the extra swing it gives you with each shot. Now imagine the next stage of this revolutionary technology: GRAPHENE XT, a new generation of Head rackets. We made the world's strongest and lightest material 30 percent stronger, to offer an enhanced weight distribution, perfect maneuverability and a fast performance.

  • Balance 330mm
  • Beam Width 24 - 26 - 23mm
  • Headsize 107in2
  • String Pattern 16x19
  • Weight 280g
  • Racket Length 27.20in

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