Wilson EmotiSorb Vibration Dampener (Single)

Wilson EmotiSorb Vibration Dampener (Single)

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Wilson EmotiSorb Vibration Dampener (Single)

Brand new emoticon style vibration dampeners for your racquet. 12 different styles available. Express yourself!

1. Angry Red Face
2. Sunglasses Face
3. Grin Face
4. Tongue Out Face
5. Surprised Face*
6. Angry Yellow Face*
7. Blank Face*
8. Big Teeth Face
9. Nerd Face*
10. Winking Face
11. Shocked Face*
12. Confused Face*

* These styles are taken from an Emotisorb display stand, from which there are only 6 of each style available. Please take into account the limited stock of these particular items when purchasing. Thank you.

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