Tecnifibre BlackCode (Black) 12m Packet

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Tecnifibre BlackCode (Black) 12m Packet

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Tecnifibre BlackCode (black) 12m pkt


Tecnifibre BlackCode is a 3rd generation polyester string with a pentagonal cross-section and a co-polyester core for ultimate durability.

Functional Benefits:
1. More FLEXIBLE - less shock on impact compared to 2nd generation polyesters.
2. More TOLERANT - less risk of premature breakages from off center hits due to an increased sweet-spot.
3. More SPIN - due to pentagonal structure.

Diameter: 18g / 1.18mm , 17g / 1.24mm, 16g / 1.28mm, 15g / 1.32mm
Colour: black
Length: 12 Metres

Technology: high quality Co-polymer monofilaments/polyester
- Performance: power and holds tension
- Comfort: limited shock from over tension

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst stock lasts you may receive this item in the previous style packaging. The ATP packaging is a cosmetic change only and does not affect the string in any way.

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