Tecnifibre HDX Tour (Natural) 20pcs Ecobox

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Tecnifibre HDX Tour (Natural) 20pcs Ecobox

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Tecnifibre HDX Tour

The best strings for racquets that weights less than 300g. The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in players' physical and technical abilities, making it essential to be able to control the power and give more spin. Get more flexibility with the new polyurethane strings. More power and less muscular fatigue at the same time. The feel of the Tour!

The new eco-friendly equivalent to a reel! A box containing 20 sets of 12m string.

Gauges: 1.24mm (17), 1.30mm (16), 1.35mm (15)
Length: 20 x 12m sets (approx 240m)
Colour: natural

Exclusive formula which allows to associate polyurethane with polyester multifilament in order to generate a solid touch, a good longevity, an optimized spin and an absorption of shocks.

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