Fittex Eyelets Grooved 20pcs

Fittex Eyelets Grooved 20pcs

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Codes / Sizes:

EY-S2 - 3.1mm x 12mm
EY-SL2 - 3.1mm x 35mm
EY-T1 - 3.4mm x 13mm
EY-T2 - 3.7mm x 13mm
EY-T3 - 4.0mm x 13mm
EY-T4 - 4.3mm x 15mm
EY-TL1 - 3.4mm x 35mm
EY-TL2 - 3.7mm x 35mm
EY-TL3 - 4.0mm x 35mm
EY-TL4 - 4.3mm x 35mm
EY-TL5 - 4.7mm x 35mm

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